Bookkeeping, Accounts & Payroll Bureau Service

Bookkeeping, Payroll Bureau Service Inc. RTI, Management Reports, VAT Returns, Draft Year End Accounts for Audit, Cash Flow


Why Use Us?

All businesses need some form of accurate record-keeping, by doing this you may be able to....
  • Reduce your accounting fees
  • Prevent possible penalties from HMRC
  • See the financial position of your company and how it is performing
  • Provide information to support applications for financing & credit


SMS will keep an accurate, independently held record of your incomings and your outgoings and can create budgets, help you manage & control your cash-flow, and generate sales forecasts based on prior performance - thus enabling you to plan and forecast your business accurately.

We can offer advice on setting up accounts processes within your enterprise, additionally encompassing software that will suit & meet your business needs. Primarily based in Kibworth, Leicestershire we can also travel to you and assist you in your own premises.

If you are a new employer, we can take care of registering you for PAYE and NI contributions with HMRC, and provide you with payslips for you and your employees.

By providing a solution that suits your requirements and within your budget, we will enable you to see how your business is performing, enabling you to hit your financial targets, and meet your financial responsibilities.

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