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About Susan

After graduating in mathematics from Leicester University in 1976, I started my career in accountancy at Grant Thornton. Although I did not become qualified, on leaving there I took several jobs up to 1989 in organisations as diverse as Leicestershire County Council, a packaging company, a knitwear company and a machinery manufacturer as an assistant accountant.

Computers appeared in the world of finance, and I acquired my knowledge by working at Hogg Robinson Systems Ltd. in Leicester for 2 years (1987-89), before launching my own business as a computerised accounts trainer, software supplier (Pegasus) and bookkeeper. I also created and presented training courses in payroll and accounts, the aim being to explain to course participants how a computerised system would produce the same results as their manual systems!

My business continued to be successful, my ability to find clients who were on the same wavelength as myself continued, and even though the software supply side of the business petered out in the late nineties, I continued to enjoy the bookkeeping side of the business, travelling to places such as Tewkesbury, Hampstead, Birmingham and Birkenhead on a regular basis, as well as up to 30+ clients local to Leicestershire.

In 1988 I acquired a Certificate in Personnel Practice. Through the Open University I acquired a Certificate in Accounting in 2004 and in the following year a Professional Diploma in Management (also through the Open University).


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